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Younger women a threat?

8 Jul


What If

I have always looked for older men, but now find myself in love with a man a few years my junior.  I have not been this happy since my kids were born.  He is very tender and loving, and his family has accepted me with open arms.

I wonder, though, if he will get bored and look for a younger woman in a few years.  Am I the only older woman who thinks this?


Dear Doris,

First read this link on lasting relationships.  Hopefully you have some of the characteristics described in that post.  They should help you deal with insecurities about the relationship like this one.

After that, the best thing for you to do in this situation is to analyze the reasons why you feel worried.  Do you believe you are too old for him?  Do you think you will get bored of him in a few years (presumably he ages as well right)?  Has he exhibited a penchant for leaving older women for younger (doesn’t sound like it)?  I think you have a good thing going right now and have invented something to worry about.  Have you talked to him about this concern?  He might be able to reassure you that isn’t likely to happen.  Hopefully the two of you can push past it knowing you have found a good man who treats you with love.

On the off chance I’m wrong and he does want to sleep with younger women eventually you should consider opening the relationship as an alternative to ending the relationship.  Good Luck.


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