Two guys but not enough connection!

24 Jun

QUESTION: I’ve been dating two men for the past year – with their knowledge. Neither wants a full-time relationship (all three of us divorced recently, so are still bruised). I know I should feel lucky with two lovers, but I’m starting to feel torn about having sex with one man, then another, with nothing deeper developing. What should I do?


Dear Lucky

The problem isn’t the number of lovers you have.  I have had three truly intimate loving shared connections in my life at the same time at let me tell you it was fucking terrific.  The problem is that all three of you have been scarred and started the relationship from a state when you didn’t want to risk a lot of emotional intimacy.  Time has healed some of that for you and you are ready for more.  Sit them down and see if they have healed as you have and might be willing to take the plunge on a deeper connection.  Hopefully one or even better yet both will be interested.  Good luck,


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