Why wait for a proposal?

13 Jun


How do I get past the feeling that I’m WAITING for my boyfriend to propose? I feel ready for and excited about marrying him, but I recognize and respect that he needs more time. While I am about 90 percent sure an engagement will happen eventually, and am trying to be patient, I can’t get past this antsy feeling. I’m sure this is all too common, especially among people in their late 20s.

Anywhere, USA

Dear Anywhere,

Why wait?  If you are 90% certain it sounds like you haven’t had a real conversation about marriage and are just hoping.  Why not have a simple conversation about it?  Try and see if he views you as someone he could one day marry?  Figure out what his timeline for marriage might be?  Let him know you love him and are ready for that kind of commitment but are happy to continue as is until he feels the same way.  Hopefully life is great for you right now (if it’s not marriage won’t help).  Just enjoy it and hopefully one day enjoy getting married.



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