Saying I love you for the first time

7 Jun

I have a rule about saying I love you.  Before I tell someone I love them for the first time I let them know I don’t want them to tell me they love me in return even if they do.  Telling someone you love them should be a selfless act.  It should be a chance for you share the depth of your feelings for another human being.  It’s a gift that should be given with no expectation of anything in return for that expectation cheapens the act.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want to be loved and cherished by the people I care about.  It’s just that on the special day I recognize a new level of caring emotion all I want to do is share it.

So often people are afraid to say I love you.  Afraid to recognize the depth of their feelings for someone else.  I say take the plunge.  Life is short.  Strive to live it full of connection and let the people know how important they are in your life.



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